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Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying

I went in for the first time today and plan on coming back weekly. She is so kind and helpful!

I’ve never wanted to go to a therapist but she was so inviting and welcoming. Made me actually want to come back and keep sessions going. Now I look forward to my appointments

Shelby has helped me navigate through a difficult time in my life. She’s helped me gain new and better coping mechanisms to deal with my stress and anxiety. I can’t believe how far I have come in a few short weeks just talking with Shelby. She makes me feel comfortable talking openly. I couldn’t ask for a better therapist for this struggle in my life.

We have just started to see Shelby and so far we Love her. She has been sensitive and nurturing to my husband & I. Thank you shelby for taking us on and for your professionalism. Looking forward to the rest of our time!

Shelby is kind and patient. She is helping me with my anxiety and I am most grateful!! I was hesitant to share my problems with Shelby (I am way older) but she is like a breath of fresh air, and is giving me another perspective to help me with my challenges. Thank you Shelby.

Both my grandkids are receiving counseling with Shelby. They both love her. I have even recommended my niece to see her.

Schedule a session today and start healing.

If you are a current client, please send me feedback as your opinion is important to me, all will be confidential through the contact form. Thank you!

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